Holy Ship! 2019 pt2

Holy Ship! 13.0 was a completely different experience for me than 12.0. While I had a great time on the first ship and met a ton of awesome people, there is just something about being surrounded by people you already know during one of the most amazing experiences of your life! You'll make new friends immediately either way but having old friends around just multiplies the amount of new people you end up meeting and partying with!

Aside from 12th Planet, I didn't get any video on 13.0 because I didn't trust myself carrying my phone while getting blitzed with my friends but the sets were just as amazing as the first sailing! I learned a lot from my first year like what to pack, what not to miss and that stickers can double as pasties! 

The only bummer was the amount of trash left behind from the stages to the hallways, it was completely unnecessary. Would love to see more people become aware of how lucky we are to enjoy such an event and how easily it can be taken away if taken for granted! Aside from that, mostly everyone seemed super chill and just there to have a great time. Mission accomplished!

I can't wait to go back next year and reconnect with the beautiful group of people known as Ship Fam! This festival will forever have a special place in my heart! Enjoy the rest of the videos from 12.0 and 12th Planet closing out the pool deck, last night of 13.0!


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