About Us

About Elefant
Think Elefant is not just a brand, it's a community built around music, art and pop culture! My name is Mo and I currently do all the designing with help from a few graphic artist friends. I will be featuring some of these artists in the blog here on the site and hope to collaborate with and feature more artists in the future! I get so much inspiration from the music festivals I attend and all the awesome people I meet there and it's a huge honor to have someone spend their money on something I created. So if I spot anyone wearing something from my shop at the many shows/events I go to, I will come introduce myself and have a special gift for you! Speaking of festivals...
About Chickens
The "for chickens" collection by think elefant is clothing inspired by "karolina festival crew", a large group of friends that attend festivals together. If you see one of our many flags at a festival, come say hey! You can also follow our Facebook page and see what festival we'll be going to next!