My First 3-D Print!

I recently got a 3-D printer and finally got around to playing with it! I went with the "Qidi X One-2" model and set up was super easy. 10 minutes from opening the box, it was ready to print. The "slicer" software was a little more involved so I downloaded a few free 3-D print files from the site "". 
The print did take a lot longer than I expected at around 16 hours to complete. It measures about 4" x 4". I'm most interested in using it to produce toggles for hoodie drawstrings which would be much smaller so hopefully that will cut down on print time a good bit! I also had a hard time removing the print from the platform when finished and damaged one of the feet using a scrape tool. I think I need to raise the temperature of the print bed to avoid that so I'll be making some adjustments before the next print. Overall, I think the print came out great! Below is a video starting at 20% complete and fading into 99% complete.

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