My Virgin Voyage!

Ahoy elefam! I'm getting packed and ready for my first holy ship! A couple friends convinced me to finally check it out with them on 13.0. After a couple months of watching recap videos and lurking in facebook groups, I bought a ticket for 12.0 too! That cabin includes a roommate from Belgium whom I've never met (What up Valentine!) so I'm clearly ready to party!
I'll be giving out stickers and a few other really cool things so make sure to say something if you see me! I'll be rolling out a bunch of new designs when I get back, including the first 6 WokéMon! I also just got a 3-D printer that I haven't had time to mess with yet but looking forward to seeing what I can create with that!
Next up for fun is Deja Voom for Bassnectar in Mexico! Knowing I have that trip on the horizon made it a lot easier missing 360NYE this year. If you're gonna be on Ship or at Deja, drop a comment and let's link up!

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